Zinequest 2021

Zinequest is once again upon us, and so I’m resurrecting the blog. For ease of reference I’ll be tracking all Zinequest projects and updating this page daily. Please use backer and funding numbers as guides rather than current figures as I won’t be updating throughout the day. For comparison all values are in USD and all end dates are listed in US formatting. Please note there will likely be slight changes to currency conversions over time. PDF will include digital stretch goals where available. There may be less expensive tiers for hardship levels as well. Print will be for Print+PDF when applicable, and in cases where multiple zines are offered I only include the price for every zine. Completed projects section added to the bottom. Information will be updated as I get it. If you’re a creator and you don’t see your project please comment below or message me at pandatheist on twitter and I’ll update as soon as I can. Suggestions welcome. I hope you all find this useful!

Total Number of Zines: 384

Number of Zines Funded: 373

Percentage of Zines Funded: 97.1%

Zines with more than:

100 Backers200 Backers500 Backers1,000 Backers

Top 10 Zines by Backer Count

1Bucket of Bolts3,919
2The Vast in the Dark2,345
3The Lighthouse At The Edge Of The Universe – Solo RPG1,636
4Desert Moon of Karth1,479
5The Drain1,402
6Dying Hard on Hardlight Station: A Mothership Adventure1,365
8The Burning of Carbex1,123
9DM Yourselves1,013
10Through Ultan’s Door1,010

Total Spent on Zines: $1,576,114

Zines with more than:


Top 10 Zines by Funding:

1Bucket of Bolts$101,401
2Through Ultan’s Door$50,928
3A Fantastic Longing For Adventure$33,195
5The Vast in the Dark$22,383
6Desert Moon of Karth$21,921
7Realms of Peril$21,755
8Dying Hard on Hardlight Station: A Mothership Adventure$21,231
9What We Give To Alien Gods$21,084
10The Burning of Carbex$19,828


12 Years$3802$120237
3 Zines by Horse Shark Games and Psychoda Press$4242$1800228
3DIE6: A Dungeon Creepy-Crawler Roleplaying Game$15858$560589
6 ZINES to create YOUR own (RPG) CAMPAIGN$862$5937
A Catalogue Chimerical$9049$7725372
A Complicated Profession$7326$2084479
A Diabolists Guide to Role Playing Games$848$175110
A Divorce of Druids$2972$782204
A Fantastic Longing For Adventure$33195$1000513
A LITTLE MOBA$500$48328
a loud noise in a quiet place$2320$1396155
A Small Collection of Flowers & Entanglements$627$27689
A State of Being: Bonds, Backgrounds, and Rumors$803$50093
A Tangled Web Vol. 1$1249$450134
Academia T.I.T.Á.N.$2205$1813189
Accesible Gaming Quarterly, Year 2$51131$4000166
Aces of Cerberus$602$10065
Action Potential: a Forged in the Dark tabletop RPG$1381$48877
Adam Bell’s #zinequest Mini Zine Bounty Board$609$10054
Aelemental Zine-O-phobia – Part 1: Wood$985$96056
Aether Operations RPG$4424$1500271
Aetherjammer: OSR Space Adventure$1752$697132
After World$1719$350138
Against the Dark Conspiracy$2084$1415170
Agents of BAMF$984$70160
All Magical Creatures Great & Small$2542$500137
All Must Bow$8754$1200572
Amnesiac Space Whales and Renegade Nebulae$488$275130
An Altogether Different River$4439$1433301
Arcana Palace: Competitive Tarot Reading$327$50041
Arcane Academia$3188$2500134
Around Alone: A Solo Sailing RPG$1460$250101
At Your Peril: A Practical Guide to Curses in TTRPGs$2543$1045140
Back Again From the Broken Land$11491$800751
Bad Decisions$2175$350129
Beakwood Bay$1945$850120
Before Fire: The Comedy Cave Dweller RPG$2067$149993
BEstitchARY for Mork Borg$3051$606387
Beta Red – A Cyberpunk-Genre RPG$3150$1500181
Bimblebottom’s Book of Bits and Bobs$1342$50080
BLACKOUT in Crater Valley: a VHS era Slasher RPG$8992$2360404
Blackvale: A Fantastical Pittsburgh Campaign Setting$3486$1000144
BLOOD FEUD – An RPG about Honor, Power and Toxic Masculinity$10602$2362506
Bloodstained Hands$2827$1034208
Bones to Dust, Dreams to Rust$2757$800148
Boots Full of Mud$4814$500238
Bounty Hunter$12766$3473581
Brewkessel: School of Spellcraft and Sorcery$1861$700114
Bronx Beasts: Year of the Beast$4257$200097
Brutal Quest: A Miniature Narrative Game$7406$1117616
Bucket of Bolts$101401$34733919
Captain’s Log$3112$139604
Cast Away$2786$300164
Cephalopod: Ocean Home$1819$464157
Children Of The Dust: A Survival RPG$1929$1212126
Chronicles of the Spacejammer: Enoch’s Wake$4156$3000216
City of Flesh$8266$1813496
Codex Corporis$1447$700113
Colloquial Monsters$719$70029
Contemplation – A zine of personal discovery$2617$139103
Contorta RPG$2639$800137
Cosmic Hooligans$831$50065
Courier – a solo RPG zine$6124$644349
Creature Feature$2137$2000101
Creature Feature Quarterly Vol. 5$547$30072
Crescent Moon$5131$730311
Crush! Two micro Zine Quest RPGs in one!$884$50055
Cryptid (Mis)Communication$897$85071
Curse: The City of One Thousand Martyrs$1505$500156
D.U.M.P Quest 2$1420$140073
D6xD6 Dungeons! Zine Edition$3004$1100140
Daemonologie: A Field Guide for the Devil’s Dice$2912$1953130
Dark Scrolls, an OSR/5E RPG Zine$685$49540
Darkest Demons, Devils, and Dungeons$1605$1000126
Dear Great Cthulhu, PLEASE Stop Giving Me Superpowers$2807$593201
Definitely Wizards: A Game About Not Being a Wizard$4599$200458
Denial & Yearning: A Trashy Lesbian Romance Novel Game$1144$78675
Descendants of Darkness$2628$2091107
Descending the Stairs$2844$600152
Desert Moon of Karth$21921$5001479
Destination: Uncharted$1254$50065
Dirty Bowbe’s Roadhouse Presents: Catpocalyspe Meow$1457$50062
DM Yourselves$18195$13941013
Docks of Caswarren$2682$84476
Dodeca RPG$3077$2094159
DoK presents: Chuck Dies in the End!$347$70022
Dr. Zero Presents: Wee Bit Twisted, Too!$632$30051
Dreaded Diseases & Amusing Afflictions$1417$500168
Drok’s Trove of Wonders$1462$25086
Dungeon Plumbers Vol #1$2093$170098
Dying Hard on Hardlight Station: A Mothership Adventure$21231$15881365
Echoes of Chaos: A Time Travel RPG$1751$511129
Edinburgh Indie Gamers$1711$69116
Dungeons and Dominatrixes$106$19810
Dungeons? Score!!!$1084$68373
Endless Banquets$2603$2055155
Evershift: An Ascension Adventure$5560$1200315
Explore Dungeons Zine #2$2313$900143
Exquisite Polycule: True Love Edition$2393$2000123
External Containment Bureau$15520$1000912
Farmyard Fatalities$668$50077
Fat Self Care: Volume 1$3580$1000181
Fever Dreams$1845$697126
Flik Silverpen’s Guide to Dragon Town$4657$600299
Flott’s Miscellany Volume Two$4704$1000329
FONT – a story game of hope and loss$2940$1000282
Fortunes: The Tarot Card Storytelling Zine$3346$200260
Fractured Unity$1404$300141
Fresh from the Forge$6099$418486
FULL COMPENDIUM: IDEAS! Hooks & Plots!$492$23917
Games that Goblins Play$963$50052
Gamma Zine, Issue #3$1747$250274
Gili’s Guide to Fantastic Plants$2341$150202
Glimmer’s Rim$5897$800300
Glimpses of a Dying World$4094$139554
Glirky Gleboldt’s Guide to Glorious Grub$1634$600100
Gorilla Warfare: Talking Apes for 5E!$544$23442
Grasping Nettles$4915$1500339
Gratitude: A horror game$1457$500125
GRIDSHOCK 20XX: Post-Apocalyptic Superhero Setting$5100$3900149
GrimBlade: A Grim Fantasy RPG$880$80071
Grogzilla #2 – Song of Grogzilla!$2336$836106
Gruesome Ghoulies$576$50073
Habits of the Common House Ghost$2326$444107
Halflings and the Hive$3009$500175
Hardboiled: A Private Eye Roleplaying Game$1269$80065
Harrowed Grounds, Volume 1$916$50083
Harrowing#3: Muspelhell$5206$1300212
Harsch Tables, Volume 1$617$35060
Have You Heard About The Beast? & We Sail Beyond$2793$566181
Hibernation Games: 5 Journaling RPGs for Solo Play$15320$3800732
High Speed Low Drag$2380$1045161
Hinterland: Peoples and Perils$1821$393135
Hometown Holiday- TV Romance RPG$1349$100073
Hope is Not a Plan$3154$750225
Horrors of the Sepulchre$2237$1573186
I Remember When All This Was Trees$492$20065
I’m Sure You’re All Wondering Why I’ve Gathered You Here…$12662$500838
In the Light of a Faded World$4257$3146426
In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe$12384$2000716
Infinite March$914$80099
Into the Black$375$75046
Introduction to Practical Demonology: A Weird Schoolbook$2795$348205
Isometric Blanks$1861$100203
It Came From the Message Board$2777$1200182
Journeylands #1$2973$154427
Keep It Together$103459590
Kill Today, Die Tomorrow$3190$1430214
Kitchen Knightmares$4292$3050248
Knights of the House of Mars$3653$1300225
Lands of Legends$6466$604211
Last Orders! 16 Beers and Ciders for Fantasy RPGS$3858$2917169
LAY ON HANDS, a solo dexterity-based RPG$3800$488257
Lethal Fauna Bric-a-Brac$854$45064
Lichcraft An RPG about Trans Necromancers$14183$698725
Lifted – Vault 01$3395$1000174
Little Katy’s Tea Party$8197$1793368
Love’s Labour’s Liabilities$1134$40086
Low Stakes$8652$500752
Macabre – Volume I$2389$1200195
Mage to Order$1734$800150
Major Arcana$2164$348191
Marching Order – A Solo or Co-op Dark Dungeon Delving Zine$7505$600361
Mari Zellout’s Gay Survival Guide$3375$500183
Maximum HP RPG zine #005 – KOBOLDS$4882$300216
Meanderings #5$1318$50060
MechaZine: a zine about giant fighty robots$624$59938
Meguey’s Miscellany of Mending$4451$800201
Melkim’s “The Art of Drinking”$385$23981
Menagerie of the Void$5432$3072282
Merchants of the Multiverse$2978$500241
Microvania: A Map-Making Hack of Microscope$3871$950363
Mimic Madness – an RPG Zine With Lots of Teeth$1450$15098
Monolith: Path of Transcendence$3621$1000106
Mork Materia$2533$600156
MORKAL KOMBORG: A Tournament of Death for MORK BORG RPG$2752$1000239
Most Wanted$224$120816
Mutants in the Now: A Modern-Mutant-Animal Zine RPG!$4703$2021235
Mysteries of the Mysts$1792$138975
Natalia’s Guide to Necromancy$2897$500158
Neon Gutters$1264$500118
Network 23 RPG$2839$967155
Ninja City: A DCC RPG Zine$2060$600216
Noctis Labyrinth$3515$2500134
Not A Place Of Honor$4001$1000399
Old Roads$7571$1500392
Old School & Cool Volume 2$4306$1000258
One Hour TTRPG Prep$1157$350164
Operation Thingamajig – A comedy RPG$1386$80094
Other Magic #3: The Ancient World$3837$1000487
Our God is Dead$4376$900303
Our Veil of Discontent$2192$750195
Outlaws ‘N’ Owlbears$1002$30092
Paradoxes & Possibilities: A Time Travel RPG$4408$1000157
Paranormal Inc.$10090$4766655
Patchwork World 6th Edition RPG$3422$1000157
Peculiar Children$1824$280124
Peril at Frost Manor$985$78107
Pistol Packing Bondage Nuns from Dimension Sex$2995$388333
Planar Compass Issue 2$14819$400602
Precious Little Animal$8000$1589599
Pressure Drop the larp$1687$1000127
Pro Patria Mori$3739$450280
Procrastination Day$957$59755
Project 8Ball$1406$500116
Project Cassandra$2531$557175
Project Terminus$2138$500157
Psalm IV:I, A Third-Party Mork Borg Zine$4052$200336
Pungeon Quest$3949$500299
Puzzle Dungeon: The Seers Sanctum$1559$800152
Pythagorean Pharmacology$1348$967106
Raccoon Sky Pirates$7679$2000675
Rakham Vale$3577$2600281
Realms of Peril$21755$3500714
REBEL SCUM$15355$1138581
Reliquary: A Science Fantasy World-Building Tabletop RPG$6410$1200333
REPUGNANT! $4604$1000206
Rocket To Russia$5836$3000181
Roll Them Bones: A Dice Mini-Game Postcard Zine$355$3057
RPG Elements$708$96109
Savage Sisters$3310$900148
Scoundrels: Make Your Games “Criminal”$2050$900137
Scrap Rats RPG$2562$1222196
Season of the Moth$3389$200214
See You, Space Cowboy$2577$600193
SIEGE: Pocket Warfare$1077$250$223
Silk Hollow: A Travel Guide (a bug city rpg ‘zine)$2083$500207
Skies of Hyperborea – A zine of airships and exploration$2127$300143
SKULLBOX: Dungeon, Mayhem, Magyk$11462$5000409
Space Weirdos$2162$100333
Splat #2: Adventures in Cyberspace$2000$1000133
Stealing the Throne$5922$1408583
Steve Jackson Games’ Illuminated Manuscript & Ogre 1976$15334$1000602
Sticks & Stones$1643$110754
Stories from the Slough$3519$500306
STREETS – Stray animal advenures!$2746$399145
Subtle Fluid$1507$333106
Surviving Idyll: Quest 1 – Shelter$1084$60432
Swordpoint: A Swashbuckling Zine$2240$100441
Tabletop RPG Battlemaps$957$16992
Tactical Deck – A Solo RPG Zine$1391$701113
Tales from the Dungeon #3$881$75058
Tales of the Glass Gnomes$1512$714120
Terror of the Stratosfiend #3$6044$2000271
Tezca Sentai: a Mexican Rangers Zine RPG$1928$725153
The 13th Fleet$3235$789253
The 2020 Bestiary$2616$1000200
The Academy Chrysalis$4598$635331
The Band of Misfit Boys: A D&D5e Zine$1301$30057
The Barrier & the Sound$3592$400333
The Beast of Bridgedunon$869$26060
The Book of Hanz for the Fate RPG$7890$1500526
The Box of Shadows: A MORK BORG scenario set in Grift$3635$100303
The Burning of Carbex$19828$10751123
The Child Thieves$1711$800133
The City of the Red Pox$3582$838210
The Collector$2620$139270
The Company: Conflict Resolution Guidelines$5472$500250
The Depths of This Forest$3663$1221204
The Door Locks Behind You, a Puzzling Dungeon Adventure Game$13795$2600714
The Dragonwilds$16461$3000530
The Drain$15510$20001402
The Era Zone 2021$848$69341
The Gardener is Dead$2151$976142
The Goblin Manor of Anstruther-Mogg$3447$278205
The Grind Turn 3: Hell or Highwater$4037$70089
The Haunted Hamlet$14913$1973807
The Heroes of Radness: Camp Tenderpeak$592$225047
The High Summer: A Fantasy Western RPG Zine$571$75040
The House of the Hollow$5609$500786
The Inn in the Forest – DCC RPG Zine & VTT Pack$6280$800282
The Island of the Excellent: A Hexcrawl Zine$1602$592134
The Journal of Fantastic Linguistics$3383$2000346
The Knights of the Road$1622$300256
The Lair of the Manticore$2016$900193
The Last Valley: an OSR setting$817$50077
The Last Will and Testament of Gideon Blythe$16925$1800963
The Legend of Gallow’s End$2130$697100
The Lighthouse At The Edge Of The Universe – Solo RPG$17275$2091636
The Lights of Winthrop Manor$6500$2000252
The Lord of Wolves – A Trophy Gold Incursion$824$200189
The Many Crypts of Lady Ingrade$4616$500406
The Merovingian Hack$797$50136
The Million Islands of Doom$3422$2417222
The Monastere de Saint Gastronomie$4948$1374268
The NPC Portrait Gallery$2394$200182
The Pamphlet of Pantheons$2196$353307
The Power Words Engine$8845$800606
The Sonders$1202$800150
The Soul Sword Forge$2144$600159
The Sun’s Ransom$2549$603253
The Tattoopunk Antebible$965$42874
The Thawing Kingdom$4365$241332
The Tome of Debasement- DCC RPG compatible zine$4185$500233
The Tower and The Garden$3953$1984301
The Trans Rage Trilogy$2528$250114
The Vast in the Dark$22383$5002345
The Very Good Dogs of Chernobyl$6494$900291
The Vitacernis$1410$1000149
The Void of Thrantar$2308$1200103
The Well – An Immersive, Narrative RPG$607$239103
The Witch, The Wolf & the Wedding$2708$500187
The Wizard’s Grimoire$19227$850920
This is Spacebase A solo adventure$594$1426
This Night on the Rooftops$3901$866248
Three Legs Bad – A Tripods inspired Sci Fi RPG$43$3006
Through Ultan’s Door$50928$25001010
Thru-Hiker: A Journaling Game of Long-Distance Hiking$2250$750176
Thursday RPG$6042$1000358
Tomb of Immolation$7235$1000451
Tooth & Claw$4824$418413
TORQ: rallyraid roleplaying$8223$750360
Trash Planet Epsilon 5$5133$1000326
Traveler’s Trunk: Magical Emporium$1057$60070
Twill’s Twist Points: Turn the D&D World to your Advantage$2176$1000158
Two Summers$5039$1213430
Vampire Cruise$4575$600319
Viam, until we meet$330$119518
Virtuemancy: A Zine-Powered TTRPG of Saving The World$1659$85056
Wait, That’s a Game?!$742$249945
Wandering Stars$1339$500105
Wandering Steel$939$39691
Warmer in the Winter$3030$1000183
Wax & Wane$774$41050
What Once Went Wrong$2287$500211
What We Give To Alien Gods$21084$750983
Where Mystery Dwells$2315$700226
Where the Wheat Grows Tall$10677$2777577
Wide-eyed Terror Zine$2274$500236
Wild Blue Yonder$2366$500206
Wise Women$9799$704569
Wizard Funk 3$1044$50071
Wrath of the Wilds – Druids go to War$470$69836
Yee-Paw! High Raccoon$1267$75091
You Repugnant Hunters$1200$328223
Zineography – A bibliography of Zine Quests$2018$12367
Zines That Tell You What To Do$757$50049

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  1. I think this is so awesome and my wallet thinks you suck. One suggestion for usability.
    If you could add a date added that would be super helpful so I can tell what has been updated since i last checked in to the page.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Glad you’re finding it useful! Is the addition of asterisks helpful, or do you think something more granular is necessary? I’m trying to avoid adding too much info, because once projects go live the presentation is going to change to include backer and funding info.


  2. Thanks for plugging Spacebase, my first zine for 30 years!
    How do you think the numbers will go? we had 108 in 2019, 285 in 2020, I’m predicting about 400 this year, what do you reckon?
    Also thanks for doing this, as a data compiler myself I know how much work goes into these things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Happy you like it! I started doing this last year because I was struggling to find everything myself. Figured others would find it helpful and I was already doing the work. I dont know how large it will get honestly. Its already up to over 100 prelaunch pages. I think 400+ is a pretty reasonable guess, but were going to see!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for this impressive list! Really nice – not just for us RPG Zine creators but also because we’re big fans of backing other zines ourselves! ^_^
    Keep it up, we really appreciate the hard work as we plan to bring out more zines in our series!
    – Marcel and Nancy
    AElemental Zine-O-phobia: Part 1 – Wood

    Liked by 1 person

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