The Rapture of Bastion

Rapture, from Bioshock

Phosphene beneath the depths! If Bastion is the electric light of progress above, Phosphene is the light of pressure below. It is New York to Bastion’s London. Beauty in the halls of power hiding cracks and leaks at the edges. People scrabbling for their next meal under the shadow of new invention. Opportunity and danger tempting those with no options left…

Woman underwater

This will be a series to hack the phenomenal Electric Bastionland into a wondrous if concerning underwater city.


Electric Bastionland is built around 4 types of sentient beings

  • People
  • Mockeries
  • Aliens
  • Machines

And 4 zones

  • Bastion
  • The Underground
  • Deep Country
  • Living Stars

Phosphene will use the same structure.

4 sentient beings

  • People
  • Machines
  • Tidedancers
  • The Summoned Few

4 zones

  • Phosphene
  • Islands Above
  • Cracked Domes
  • Endless Seas


Electric Bastionland is a wondrous clock tuned to perfection. I have no interest in changing any rule beyond what I need. And what I need is plasmids. Genetic modifications taken from the creatures of the deep, some of which wander the halls of Phosphene profiting off the trade or being exploited in equal measure. What this means is I need to design a spell system.

EB has no spells. They have oddities, which are items that act like spells. That still works I think, but it won’t do double duty for what we want and I have no interest in porting in spell lists from D&D. I think looking to a superhero game might be the better way to do things. Maybe spell points. Maybe Whitehack style abilities for HP, though that would be dangerous without inflating numbers. Next post I’ll compare our options and narrow down the field.

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