Guest Post!

Hi friends! I put up an open offer to mutuals on twitter to talk about whats exciting them this Zinequest. Amanda (who you should definitely follow) was kind enough to respond. Enjoy!

Some Zines I am Excited About, Briefly, And In No Order

By Amanda Lee Franck

Isometric Blanks by Geoff (Fish in the Pot) (Only 2 days to go!)

These little outline landscapes have just enough information to get you past the scary blank page part of idea having. The miniature format reminds me of drawing in the margins of notes in class, tiny maps and room plans and no pressure at all. I love that it’s really lo-fi and colorful. I want to get one and draw a dungeon in it and then send it to someone else to draw a dungeon in it.

Lowlife by Sam Sorenson (Only 2 days to go!)

I really like thinking about caves and putting caves in games. I like that this zine is explicitly a toolset rather than an adventure or a whole game. That is such a good fit for zinequest, a little book to have on hand for when your players go down a hole.

City of Flesh by Elizabeth Chaipraditkul and Steffie de Vaan

The setting is a city in the womb of a titan (and not, like, metaphorically). I love that this game makes explicit the things that body horror usually just alludes to: what if you had a child and it ate you? Is caring for something self-destruction? What if you lived every day with the comfort & claustrophobia of not being born yet?  It has a story game tarot card based system, it’s unapologetically gory, it’s very exciting.

Nerves by John Battle (Only 2 days to go!)

Nerves is gonna be a real magazine about theory and games and it will be so nice to read big ideas in a place where they can spread out and be complicated (and not on twitter). Also it looks like an academic journal but there’s still ghosts and comics inside.

Bloodheist by Leo Hunt

This is some serious business dystopian vampire stuff, which sounds really grim, but like watch the video and imagine you are crawling through sodden catacombs to steal stuff from Dracula. That’s the spirit of stupid hopeless rebellion against the oligarchy that I want from a game.

Patchwork World 6th Edition RPG by Aaron King (only 2 days to go!)

Aaron King writes evocative & exhaustive lists & moves and they all work so well with this snowed-in midwestern magical vibe, like a shadow box full of wooden birds & glitter.  

BEstitchARY for Mork Borg by Michał Gotkowski (only 2 days to go!)

A zine of garishly colored combo-animals. This is an excellent idea. There is a 15’ long mosquito shark.

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