Zinequest Guest Post 3

Hi friends! I put up an open offer to mutuals on twitter to talk about whats exciting them this Zinequest. The first one is here. The second is here. Derek (he’s great and you should follow him too) was kind enough to join in. Enjoy!

I Hate Listicles But I’ll Make One For Zine Quest: A Top Ten List of Zines Still Funding

By Derek Kinsman

Some notes: I’ve currently backed 25 projects (6 have funded successfully YAY), I’ll probably add a few more to the list as there’s still nearly half a month to see what else is coming up. A quarter of the 25 were of the “wildly successful funding” variety. A quarter of the same 25 are from creators who I am friends with, whose work I am aware of and admire, and who I am also collaborating with—this set exists within the “met their funding goal, and a few are also wildly successful”. The remainder of zines, and anymore that I back after this have been created by people who I am not familiar with, and whose wonderful creations I have not experienced.

This list is going to focus on some cool projects that need more attention. I’ve also not included anything that will finish within 44 hours of me writing this (as I’m not sure when it will be posted).

Creature Feature – I backed this game pretty quickly. I grew up watching Hammer Horror, and the Universal Classic Monsters films as a kid. Double features at the drive-ins, and old-timey monster movie marathon Saturdays were a big part of my childhood. This is a collection of three small games that celebrate horror, monsters, and their creation.

Endless Banquets – I am a big fan of Troika! It is fun, and the default “setting” of Troika is weird and whimsical, and people who make content for it often keep to the idea of weird and whimsical. Which means we get lots of weird and whimsical gaming content to play with. And Endless Banquets does not disappoint. I’m not sure I know how to describe this further, but it’s exciting. And Eric K. Hill organized the Dissident Whispers project, so he will always and forever get my support.

Scurry – Another game I’ve backed. This is a game about tiny creatures adventuring through the underbrush of Scotland. This is from the wonderful creator Dungeons on a Dime, and I’m pretty sure this game could be used as a prequel to my ZQ3 zine. The art looks great, and the pitch looks to be offering all the things I’m currently thinking about when designing and running games. Quick, fun, different.

The Vitacernis – Another game about playing as tiny creatures. Albeit anthropomorphic ones this time. Mausritter is a wonderfully fun game for fans of Mouse Guard, Redwall, Mice & Mystics, Secrets of NIMH, or The Rescuers. Games Omnivorous made an excellent boxset version. This is a small zine with a huge set of locations, an equally large bestiary, and a super fun sounding adventure.

The High Summer – a fantasy western where the combat rules have been streamlined to maximize the fun hollywood-esque high action of western combats. If you’re a fan of spaghetti westerns, or even the Kurosawa films that inspired many of your favourite western films this one is worth looking at.

Coiled.Spæce – another quick back for me. The mockups look glorious. Conceptually it reminded me of the rpg Paranoia, and the video games Portal, and FTL. All of those things just tick the right boxes for me.

Cryptid (Mis)Communication – this is a game you play outdoors. It is a game played outdoors where you cannot see the other participants. Because you play as a cryptid, and you can’t be too visible as that would give the mystery away. So you yell the game across parking lots, fields, and through the woods. This is the kind of silliness I’m here for.

A Catalogue Chimerical – this zine hasn’t launched yet. It is a book of strange magical items. The setting is Michael T Lombardi’s Pentola setting that was used for his zine quest project last year. Although, these are system agnostic, and will fit into any setting easily.

Aether Operations – another upcoming zine. This one is a zine that folds out into a big poster (possibly like a Pocketmod style zine, or possibly just a big fold out poster). I don’t know a ton about it, but it’s a collab between Floating Chair and World Champ Game Co. and they are both very fine and wonderfully creative people.

Vampire Cruise – an adventure vacation featuring mummies, vampires, and mutinies from the creator of You Got a Job on the Garbage Barge, Amanda Lee Franck. Disclosure: while I’m not involved in her project, she is doing all the illustrations for mine.

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