Zinequest Master List

For easy reference a master list of all Zinequest projects updated daily(don’t trust the funding numbers until end of campaign. They won’t be up to date). For easier comparison all values are in USD and all end dates are listed in US formatting. Additionally Print will always be for Print+PDF, and in cases where multiple zines are offered I only include the price for every zine. Last but not least, several zines have different tiers for different countries. I used whatever the lowest was, usually in the US, so do check. I hope you all find this useful.

Total Number of Zines: 284

Number of Zines Funded: 260

Percentage of Zines Funded: 91.55%

Zines with more than:

100 Backers200 Backers500 Backers1,000 Backers

Top 10 Zines by Backer Count

1The Artefact2,567
2Beak, Feather, & Bone: A Map-Labeling RPG1,566
3DELVE: A Solo Game of Digging Too Deep1,473
4i’m sorry did you say street magic1135
6The Waking of Willowby Hall945
7Ancestry & Culture: An Alternative to Race in 5e917
8Dungeons & Dilemmas865
10A Visitor’s Guide to the Rainy City815

Total Spent on Zines: $849,270

Zines with more than:

$1,000 Funded$2,000 Funded$5,000 Funded$10,000 Funded

Top 10 Zines by Funding:

1The Artefact$39,203
2Beak, Feather, & Bone: A Map-Labeling RPG$21,802
3i’m sorry did you say street magic$21,379
5Rebel Crown$17,771
6They Feed on Fear: A Horror RPG$15,145
7The Waking of Willowby Hall$13,480
95 Room Dungeons$12,224
10Alone on a Journey$12,047

For comparison, here are some of the most successful RPG kickstarters happening at the same time:

Total Spent on Trophy by 2,543 Backers: $210,141

Total Spent on The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting for 5E by 4,560 Backers: $215,371

Total Spent on Altered Carbon by 3,940 Backers: $372,547

Total Spent on Tome of Beasts 2 by 6,524 Backers: $413,021

Total Spent on Ptolus: City by the Spire by 3,957 Backers: $538,043

NamePDFPrintFundsGoalBackersEnd Date
Climbing the Witch’s Tower$10$20$5680$5002863/22
Journey Back, a solo journaling RPG$4$12$1622$3761253/25
Kingdom: a Zine of Generational Proportions$5$15$6525$7503913/27
Octhorrorfest RPG Zine #1$5$12$2063$1500903/20

Completed Projects

5 Room Dungeons$12,224$1,505492
A Fine Mess$1,457$2,50073
A Touch of Glamour$3,401$1,030166
A Visitor’s Guide to the Rainy City$8,643$500815
A Wizard$6,790$665507
Abstract Dungeon: The Zine$1,844$50042
Accessible Gaming Quarterly$4,900$4,000161
Adventurer’s Guide to the Yol’najj Forest$4,942$800470
Affliction: Coping With the Apocalypse$188$80018
Agile, Anxious, Attached$215$15026
Akashic Titan$1,546$300135
Akmei’s Spellbook$688$50067
All Skate Fantasy: the RPG$272$1,38025
Alone on a Journey$12,047$500807
An Imminent Spark: A Story Game$632$23945
Ancestry & Culture: An Alternative to Race in 5e$7,554$300917
Apocalypse Survive$1,201$22284
Atrocity Archives$751$71360
Barrow Keep: Den of Spies$6,062$750424
Battle Beasts$1,020$66146
Beak, Feather, & Bone: A Map-Labeling RPG$21,802$1,0001,566
Beards & Beyond$4,841$500191
Beneath the Glass and Steel$719$32733
Best Left Buried: The Zinequest Quartet$9,556$6,456198
Beyond the Weird: A Science Fiction Roleplaying Zine$2,937$500260
BROADSIDE 29XX$697$50039
Bunker: an OSR zine$11,598$1,500508
Campfire Memories$1,020$50078
Camplanar Switch$559$50018
Casette Tape Riot$311$1,08048
CASKET LAND – CRUACH$19,009$7,200992
Celestial Bodies, Orbital Mechanics$1,793$1,000108
Cold Iron$3,069$500282
Command? Dungeon World$1,583$1,50090
Corruption of the Black-Hearted$631$54964
Covert Wars$1,689$500146
Creature Feature Quarterly Vol. 2$325$15040
Damocles’ Decay$201$30621
Dark Path$863$55797
Darker Malleus$2,048$4,500141
Dead Halt: Happy New Year 1999$4,763$500236
Deadly Garden: Plant Monsters for 5E$863$60067
Deep Nightly Fathoms$3,026$800179
Delayed Blast Gamemaster #3$6,972$1,500560
DELVE to HELL$3,321$1,117189
DELVE: A Solo Game of Digging Too Deep$11,463$8971,473
Denizens of Araknathuk$369$7335
Depths Unknown$426$20054
Derby Drama$4,348$500238
Dice Roll Zine #3$1,012$75475
Dirt RPG$2,558$1,676147
Dirty Town, a corny RPG zine$3,582$1,287177
Dish Pit Witches$1,769$500308
Disk Horse #1: Off to the Races$4,185$800278
DM Yourself$4,469$1,226536
DON’T LOOK: A Short Horror RPG$1,876$600124
Draculola Roleplaying Game$4,270$3,063191
Dream World Mercenaries$2,922$1,500181
Dump Quest$1,604$800156
Dungeon Delve$3,670$500277
Dungeon Pets1,106$$600124
Dungeons & Dilemmas$9,675$1,000865
Dungeons and Designs: Volume 1$2,133$613117
Eat Trash. Be Free$8,607$3,000527
Ever in Her Sights: A Story-Reading Zine$3,342$150251
Explore Dungeons$1,309$500120
Fabled Dead$320$73631
Face Folio$1,518$450132
Fax in Tenebris$687$50094
Fight Planet!$1,038$3,50038
Fish in the Pot: TTRPG Characters Collection$2,768$1,000299
For the Honor$6,327$1,400317
Fruit of Law$949$200137
Fruitless Existence$751$60025
Funny Freakout$324$20033
Game Spice$1,403$200217
Gamma Zine, Issue #2$1,629$150254
Gourmet Street: Fantasy Street Food Adventuring Zine$3,208$200305
Green Dawn Mall$4,512$545425
Grey Seas Are Dreaming of My Death: William Hope Hodgson RPG$2,740$800224
Grogzilla #1$1,448$320113
Harrowings: The Exalted Hours$1,667$86082
Heaven Has No Taste; And Other True Statements$2,319$1,500140
Hexagram #4$6,900$500661
Hivesworn: Queensfall$739$30081
HOME: SURVIVAL$1,057$64069
Hunters in Death$5,290$500598
i’m gonna be$1,041$150180
i’m sorry did you say street magic$21,379$1,2001,135
In Our Own Wor(l)ds: A Fantastical Zine Trading RPG Zine$891$70063
In the Light of a Setting Sun$1,614$1,500125
INSIDE OUT: The body horror TTRPG zine$5,761$1,600345
Invoccultas: Conduits of the Void$5,945$1,800277
King of Dust$301$25031
Kingpink: Darkness$1,323$53082
Kozmik Objects & Entities$10,143$1,500625
Last Flight of the Pandora: A Chaotic Space RPG$1,348$400129
Layabouts & Degens$172$60021
Let’s Make a Mary Sue!$822$200117
Liber Somnia: The Book of Dreams$557$2,00043
LIFTS: Powered by Your ABpocalypse Edition$3,832$1,653196
Lost in the Shrouded Lands$1,052$397118
Lost Roads$6,331$2,000451
Lost Scriptures$788$359116
Lunch Break TTRPG$139$30029
Lyrebrook: Campaign Setting$260$67048
Madam Maze’s Cabaret of Carrion Delights$645$50099
Mage Against the Machine$2,421$900259
Mall Kids: More Malls, More Kids$2,089$1,000153
Maximum HP #002$2,360$800135
Mazes RPG$9,089$1,981129
Mishaps of the Extra-Planar Interiors of Infinite Storage Boxes$323$18652
Monster Mix: A Role Playlisting Game $1,201$300103
Monster Temple: Issue 1$2,526$1,438126
Monty Haul$2,638$1,000115
Mundane Lost$580$50049
MYCELIUM and Other Horrors$2,812$2,000210
Night Reign RPG$8,943$1,666643
No Love’s Land$1,636$800105
No Stone Unturned$2,229$500174
Not Pretty but Wonderful: Designers in Conversation$3,103$1,500188
Nova Commonwealth RPG$353$10065
Oh No I’m Late to the MCR Concert & I Have an Extra Ticket$1,524$125117
Old School & Cool$2,780$878205
Oligarchy RPG$3,933$1,000245
On the Shoulders of Colossus$2,299$600228
One of Us: Sideshow Salvation in a Dystopian Dustbowl$3,046$1,000324
One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk$691$20098
Operation: Playground$740$50047
Other Magic #2: Monsters of the Americas$2,533$1,000225
Our Queen Crumbles: A Weird-Fantasy RPG$8,249$1,500606
Palanquin RPG$4,638$451461
Passages of the Living$408$33639
Planet 28$3,255$971250
Pocket Sized Perils$2,637$165149
Pocket World$2,493$1,000179
QUEST SQUIRES: Rebuilded$562$2,01867
Rabid Dogs$1,610$650191
Rain on a Conga Drum: A Townes Van Zandt RPG Collection$1,129$650104
Rats with Wings$411$20037
Rebel Crown$17,711$1,000530
Richter: The Rotting City$5,607$1,000233
ROCK & ROLL$1,183$500103
Rooftops: The World is Watching$1,597$2,75059
RPG Citybuilding Extravaganza$560$2,00045
RPG Half Sheets$97$50015
safe & sound$4,798$800474
Sagas of Rimholm$2,147$70095
Saturnine Sanctuary$334$10059
Science Vessel of Dr. Uaerom$937$80058
Score: A Modern Day Heist RPG$1,008$400103
Séance and Sensibility$1,632$429145
Sedentary Dances: A Zine Collection of Seven Poetry Games$458$33343
Shadow of Mogg$2,473$613152
Shards: Worldbuilding Zine$2,504$3,23979
Shortlived Shenanigans$1,121$50092
Sinister Red$1,382$500158
Snake People: A Post-Apocalyptic Story Game$4,029$500227
Snomes: A Quirky RPG Zine$1,263$50090
Snow & Salt: Monsters from the Taiga & Mangrove$904$2,20076
So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well$1,922$500160
Space Goblins!$3,513$1,800202
SPACE KIDS RPG$6,901$3,500406
Space Seeds: Science Fiction RPG Encounters$1,626$500252
Sphinxes: The First of Sages$537$20048
Spirit of Adventure – Hex Crawl$477$10065
Splat: Perspectives on Play$1,810$1,200141
Stitches & Stuffing: Lost Soles$1.343$50061
Storming the Castle: Issue #1$1,296$500115
Strange Legends Zine and Trading Cards$154$13211
Sunlands: A Hexcrawl Zine$1,244$643141
Swords & Wizardry Dark: A Grim Set of Optional Rules$2,771$350304
take root – perennial edition$1,345$40087
Tales from the Lusty Minotaur$917$50065
Tales from the Smoking Wyrm Issue #2$6,166$2,000292
Tavern Tales #1: Lair of the Battle Mage$2,361$1,500166
Tempting Tephra$1,115$300127
Ten People You Meet in the Undergarden$2,821$2,416246
Terror of the Stratosfiend #2$6,361$750305
The Artefact, a solo RPG zine$39,203$2,0732,567
The Baby in the Bean$1,305$50069
The Beloved Underbelly$691$300115
The Black Pyramid$4,098$500463
The Bone Age – Weird School RPG$5,790$750341
The Company RPG$8,966$500446
The Creatensive Character Zine$1,719$368101
The Dark Lord’s Spellbook$1,420$1,40067
The Era Zone 2020$709$64329
The Evils of Illmire: A Mini-Mega Hexcrawl Adventure Zine$5,282$500516
The Forest of Lost Children$1,261$99149
The Gællæffa Guide to Troika!$3,578$2,100169
The Gaslight Club$861$45069
The Good Ol’ Days – A Survival RPG$699$30062
The Great Bork Team$3,767$1,500198
The Great Soul Train Robbery$2,950$500230
The Grind Turn 2: Mistvale Nights$2,475$60095
The Grizzle$673$60068
The Hidden Necropolis$1,029$300134
The Insectiary$2,368$652175
The Ioun Codex: Zine of Wondrous Power 03$1,924$600140
The Lands of Alam$611$25032
The Last Place on Earth$1,973$800126
The Lost Tale$2,039$245166
The Love Balloon$1,283$1,20099
The Magical Repair Shop$2,854$150191
The Necronomizine$1,720$900171
The New Tales of Oz$1,352$80097
The Ollustria Field Guides$2,741$575137
The Phylactery$5,549$500647
The Poodle Fanciers Club$191$50024
The Promise Town Gazette$1,016$75080
The Skovd Chronicles$1,429$1,23587
The Snakeyes Gaming System$160$45021
The Social Dreadwork$1,573$500148
The Treasure At The End Of This Dungeon$5,545$500338
The Violet Sanction$958$50069
The Wait$2,024$1,500153
The Waking of Willowby Hall$13,480$3,000945
The Watching Book$1,394$450103
The World of Sylansse$142$40021
Them’s Monsters!$2,343$500215
They Cried Monster$4,373$500394
They Feed on Fear: A Horror RPG$15,145$2,745737
Thirty-six Stranger Chambers$1,710$672205
This Thing We Started/The Brokenhearted$986$20093
Thistle and Hearth$4,549$500256
Three Sisters$655$20036
Treasures of T’urokk$679$12256
Twisted Rifters: A Game of Floating Signifiers$1,164$50059
Two RPG Zines: Marsh Goons & Tempered Legacy$4,050$4,000207
Under the Floorboards$4,819$961313
Valley of the Forgotten Kingdom$650$50053
Valor Knights: The Electrocube War$1,982$600140
Villot Cards & Encounters$122$2,5008
Wandering Dreams$1,038$39580
We’re Just Friends$1,116$55081
Web-slingers: Into the Worlds-Wide Web$767$50057
Wex’s Drift: An RPG City SourceZine$4,215$500311
What Happened at Wyvern Rock? Issue 2: Strange Places$4,200$1,000356
Winter Harvest$1,905$1,500140
WIZARD FUNK 2$700$500104
You are in a tavern$1,312$451105
You Got a Job on the Garbage Barge$9,200$600700
YourVerse: Your universe your way$419$30025

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