NSR Planescape

Planescape came out 25 years ago, and Planescape: Torment 20 this month. Both box set and video game had an outsized effect on a lot of us. Marquis and I thought it would be fun to do a challenge to create our very own blog based version. 4 elements/schools of magic and 10 spells(or psionic powers or technomantic channeling or cybernetic charging etc) to imply a setting. Here’s mine using hp spends rather than spell slots.

Blood | Bone | Ember | Ash

1) Scintillating Effigy: Requires an amulet of copper scribed with your greatest regret. If the regret changes the amulet will need to as well. Wearer surrounded by aurora of heatless flames. Keeps out memory shard storms, burrowing tension worms, and other genii locorum. Costs 1 point per hour maintained and bearer has disadvantage on all rolls.

2) Shadow of the Possible: Must be cast at the heart of the targets former home. Eyes become flames. Can see in visions how far the target is willing to go for what they want most, but not what that desire is. Costs 2 points.

3) Axiomatic Doubt: Soak a head in a pool of your own blood(collected safely over a month at the cost of 1pt per day) to bring it a semblance of life. Ask it 3 unique questions at it will give 2 truths and a lie before igniting itself and the blood. The ashes, if coated on the users tongue, allow them to tell suspicious lies safely(must have doubt, not disbelief. The hearer wont question reality) until they eat or drink or otherwise disturb the ash.

4) Heartshade: Using bone of a slain creature as needle and ash as ink, tattoo its image into your shadow. The lines of it will glow a dull red. Flames bright red when accessed to use an ability of the slain creature. If using sentient creature have a 20% chance of gaining a personality trait. After 3 such failures its perceived personality and identity subsumes yours. Costs 1 permanent point when tattooed, 1 point as usual when accessed.

5) Splitting Resonance: Drink flask of the targets blood to see what they see, hear what they hear, and feel what they feel for a day. Does not share thoughts. Feels much like a headache. Greater disadvantage(3 rolls take the worst) on all rolls that require focus. Costs 3 points.

6) Reciprocal Draft: Implant bone shards in each outside wall of a building to sense the layout and movement within. The building can also sense you. Costs 3 points.

7) Flourish: Sever your hand and plant it in the ground. Bleed it for 1 month. At the end, set it aflame and a new hand and home will grow. At each level or every 13 years, whichever comes first, a new room will grow onto the home reflecting experiences and desires. You may have as many bonded homes as limbs but they are jealous. At each expansion there is a chance they will go to war with each other.

8) Ashen Skim: Bore holes in the back of your hands with the sigils of your dreams and light the bleed aflame. The same will appear on shoulder blades. Smoke will spin the shape of spider-like wings, pulling you aloft through the falling ash. Costs 2 points per hour maintained.

9) Bloodweld: Slash palms with an ally and make a blood oath. Each lose one permanent point. Whenever desired you may send a message. The bonded blood will swirl and glow under the skin spelling it out. Limited to the surface available.

10) Interlace Wager: Bury your heart at the root of an unbonded building. Its powers and memories are yours to access. You can communicate at distance. It does not count as a bond. It owns your heart and can crush or free it at its whim. Ask kindly. Think fondly. Choose wisely.

If you want to join in please do and dm me on twitter or message me on discord(pandatheist#4207). I’ll put together a list with everyone’s posts. Happy plane hopping everyone!

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