In which my twitter blew up

Not even burying the lede

There are a million(wonderful) interviews with artists and writers. There are even some now with layout designers. But there aren’t many with editors. I thought it would be a fun little project to do a short series of interviews with some editors who make the books you love great who don’t get the same type of name recognition. Ask a few people I know, put out a tweet about it, release one at the start or end of every week for a couple months. Small, but hopefully valuable endeavor. And then this happened.

darkmode in Tweetbot for iphone

This is a small number of retweets in the scheme of things, but a lot for me, and by some people with a lot of followers. Long story short, my small project has gotten larger. Over the course of not sure how long, I’ll be posting interviews with roleplaying editors about editing in the industry. A lot of these people do multiple things, and I am going to try to constrain myself to questions about editing. I am incredibly appreciative of the time they’re taking to talk with me, and hopefully you all find this as interesting as I do. At the end of every interview I ask for social media info and ways to follow them. Please take the time to do so. They’re all great people and deserve some love. If you have any questions you want me to ask, leave them in the comments or tell me on twitter.

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